At the heart of all embedded intelligence

MicroEJ is a key software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. Its unique technology (secure virtualization) enables software asset capitalization by maximizing code reuse on all kinds of electronic devices. MicroEJ technology currently empowers tens of millions of devices in markets such as IoT, ML, home appliances, building controls, smart city, smart-home, healthcare, and wearables.

JFrog Artifactory and MicroEJ

Better Collaboration Between Teams

JFrog’s Integration with MICROEJ Forge enables an orchestration of the tools and software assets shared by various teams: design, marketing, development. This results in a smoother development process and a faster time-to-production.


Easier Software Assets Distribution to Compatible Devices

A typical Forge environment contains tens of thousands of software assets. MICROEJ Forge enables faster product development by quickly delivering the right software asset, the right version and the right metadata to the right device.

Better Collaboration thanks to Centralized Software Assets

JFrog Artifactory acts as the orchestrator of MICROEJ Forge, a white-branded cloud-based software assets store. Forge manages software assets (applications, libraries, virtual devices, etc.) for “Powered by MicroEJ devices”, administrates asset life cycles (prepare, build, publish, etc.), all while ensuring the maximum level of reliability.

High Level of Reliability

In order to enhance the safety and security of a software asset, its binary code goes through various binary checks to ensure its compatibility with the device it will run on. This reliable process managed by MICROEJ Forge ensures that no malicious code is ever uploaded into devices.

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