Production Grade Container Orchestration

Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers. With Kubernetes, you can deploy applications quickly and predictably, scale your applications on the fly, roll out new features seamlessly and efficiently utilize hardware resources.

Artifactory is your Kubernetes Registry

JFrog Artifactory can be used to store and manage all of your container application images, deploy to Kubernetes, and also setup a build, test, and deploy pipeline using Jenkins and Artifactory.


Automation Enables Faster Releases

Once an image is ready to be rolled out, Artifactory can trigger a rolling-update deployment into a Kubernetes cluster without downtime – automatically!

Faster Development

Containers within a Kubernetes Pod (a group of one or more containers with shared storage or network) can all reach each other’s ports on localhost, and all pods in a cluster can see each other without NAT.

Enterprise Container Cluster Orchestration

Kubernetes will bring efficiency to the enterprise, and provide the opportunity to do more with less to scale required processes within the entire organization. JFrog Artifactory provides the control and oversight required to ensure business protection.

Why you need a K8s registry

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Kubernetes Essentials

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