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CloudBees is the provider of Jenkins, an open source automation server. With Jenkins, organizations can accelerate the software development process through automation. Jenkins community offers well over 1,200 plugins that allow Jenkins to integrate with almost any popular technology and there are more than 147,000 active installations and over 1 million users around the world.

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Release Faster

Jenkins is used heavily by the DevOps community and the integration with Artifactory provides transparency and insight for development teams in the process of building and releasing software.

> Seamless integration with a leading CI server.

Develop Collaboratively

Capture exhaustive build information within Artifactory including artifacts deployed, dependencies resolved, system and environment information, and more to enable fully traceable builds.

> Providing links from a Jenkins build directly to Artifactory with transparent release management during staging and promotion.

Protect your Business

In addition to Artifactory, JFrog also provides out-of-the-box integration of JFrog Xray to ensure that any vulnerabilities contained in your builds are found and provided to the Jenkins CI server.

> Assurance that build jobs are stopped early in the process if they contain vulnerabilities.

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