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Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) delivers an open source, turn-key Cloud Native container management Platform. Built on Ubuntu, the Cloud Native Platform includes Kubernetes, Rancher, and utilizes JFrog Artifactory as its Kubernetes registry.

Kubernetes Registry for CDK

CDK provides enterprise-caliber container management platform that maximizes developer velocity, integrates with your CI/CD pipeline, and eases the path from development into production. JFrog and Canonical have collaborated to provide JFrog Artifactory as the Kubernetes registry to manage Docker images and provide insight from code to cluster for the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes platform.

Integration Highlights

Deliver Releases Faster

CDK allows you to manage and orchestrate your containerized microservice workloads at scale, while Artifactory, the universal repository manager, provides end-to-end automation and management of artifacts and dependencies maximizing developer velocity, allowing you to deliver releases faster to your customers.

Collaborate Across Distributed Software Development Teams

Develop collaboratively as Artifactory ensures that all build artifacts are shared between geographically distributed development team across the globe are the same and shared efficiently.

Safe, Secure, and Auditable

Every component of Canonical’s K8s distribution receives security maintenance automatically, and all components communicate with TLS encryption, while Artifactory ensures auditing and tracking of all the changes to artifacts associated with a release.

Artifactory & CDK

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