[White Paper] PHP Composer: 9 Benefits Of Using A Binary Repository Manager

PHP Composer and JFrog

PHP development has become one of the most popular platforms for client and server side web development. Each framework used for PHP development has its own set of advantages, but they all use PHP Composer to manage dependencies, alongside Packagist as the central repository.

PHP Composer may be able to find the right packages for you, but comes up short in case of network issues and cannot ensure that all developers in your organization are using the same version of a package. It’s issues like these that Artifactory solves for you.

Read this white paper to learn more about the benefits of using PHP Composer together with JFrog Artifactory, including:

  1. Reliable access to remote resources
  2. Optimized build process
  3. Full support for Docker
  4. Secure solution
  5. Smart Search and Artifactory Query Language (AQL)
  6. Distribution and Sharing
  7. Artifactory High Availability
  8. Maintenance and Monitoring
  9. Universal, end-to-end solution

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