We’re Founding Members of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Here’s Why.

I’m sure you know by now that JFrog is on a mission to make software liquid. We believe that software updates and new releases are constantly being pulled by an ever-hungry world, and that those updates should flow freely, like water, to the runtime endpoints across our lives.

One of the most important pieces of a modern DevOps pipeline – in realization of this liquid software vision – is CI/CD. The continuous integration and continuous delivery aspects are what supports the flow of changes into the pipeline constantly in the form of new builds, and provide the outcome of those builds to be distributed with high frequency.

With the commitment to universally-supportive technology, JFrog has always provided tight integrations with popular CI/CD technologies like Jenkins, Jenkins X, Circle CI, CodeFresh and others. With our recent Shippable acquisition, we’ve doubled-down on our emphasis on the importance of a solid, next-generation CI/CD engine to drive the flow of software all the way to the runtime.

Now, we’re taking that commitment to the next level as one of the driving companies behind the newly-formed Continuous Delivery Foundation. This new entity will, in a collaborative, open manner, steer the future standards of continuous delivery, increasing software release velocity. With the addition of Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker and more technologies to this Foundation’s umbrella, the future is bright for CI/CD! As noted in the official press release:

“The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) will serve as the vendor-neutral home for the most important open source projects for continuous delivery and specifications to expedite the release pipeline process.”

This means that JFrog, along with other leading companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Netflix, Cloudbees, CapitalOne, SAP and others, will together be helping to lead the next generation of CD standards.

Why is this important? As more companies are moving towards a cloud-based model and new runtimes like Kubernetes are rapidly being adopted, the tooling sprawl and lack of standards has stifled innovation. With a vendor-neutral organization driven collaboratively by companies like JFrog (with the backing of our more than 5,000 unique customers and their unique use cases), organizations can accelerate their DevOps pipeline and drive more projects faster based on standards, not idiosyncrasies.

We’re excited, honored and humbled to be part of this journey and look forward to driving DevSecOps forward and bringing the community and development standards together.

Here’s to making software more liquid.