Turbocharge Your Containerization Transformation for Free

This is a guest post from Kamesh Pemmaraju of Platform9.

As organizations move to a containerized world, whether by producing containerized software, consuming it or both, the need for a managed Kubernetes offering and an Enterprise-tested private Docker registry is apparent. 

With the introduction of Platform9‘s new Freedom Plan for managed Kubernetes, you can combine it with JFrog Container Registry and power up your containerization transformation for free. 

Kubernetes Management

Kubernetes (K8s) is an extremely powerful system for running containerized software at scale. It is used by organizations large and small to facilitate scaling, storage, software updates, monitoring and much more. This is made possible by a large community of contributors and a huge ecosystem of tools and extensions

For all that it does well, however, managing the Kubernetes system itself is a complex and operationally involved process. This requires specialized expertise that is not easy to find. 

Platform9 addresses these operational and talent challenges with a unique approach that uses a SaaS delivery model to provide automated day-2 operations, robust SLA, and delightful user experience, backed by world-class Kubernetes certified support and customer success teams. Just by plugging-in existing private or public environments (bare-metal OS, AWS, and Azure) to the SaaS Management Plane, users can create multi-master, multi-node K8s clusters in under five minutes on any infrastructure with built-in ETCD backup, Prometheus monitoring, Grafana dashboards, and pre-configured RBAC capabilities, without any operational overhead.

Private Container Registry

A system for running containerized software, even one as powerful as Kubernetes, is only as good as the software that runs on it. In K8s, this software comes in the form of container technology (typically Docker images). 

The need for a private Docker registry to store and manage this software is vital whether you are producing containerized software or simply running it. A private registry can protect you from upstream changes, network failures and generally from third-party sources you have no control over. 

If you are producing images, you need a private registry to version your software, track its dependencies and allow for reproducible builds. This is where JFrog’s Container Registry offers a ready solution. It is the most comprehensive and advanced container registry in the market today and it is available for free.

Best of Both

These two solutions can combine for a powerful system for container management. You can use Platform9’s free trier to manage your cluster(s) and JFrog Container Registry to manage the software that runs in them. Putting both to work for your organization will provide you a solid foundation for turbocharging your containerization transformation at the lowest possible cost — for free!

For details on the new Platform9 Managed Kubernetes plans, read the launch blog on the Platform9 website.