Effective Repository Naming Conventions to Help Scale Your Business

JFrog Artifactory Repository Naming Conventions

Why do I need a repository naming convention? How many repositories do I need? What should I call my repositories?

These are just some of the commonly asked questions that are asked around the topic of how to get started implementing JFrog Artifactory repository structures and naming conventions.

Creating the right repository naming conventions and repository structures for your organization is essential. Read this white paper to learn more on JFrog’s suggested guideline, a four-part naming structure, that includes:


  1. A product or team name as the primary identifier of the project
  2. The technology, tool or package type being used.
  3. The package maturity level, such as the development, staging and release stages.
  4. The locator, the physical topology of your artifacts.

As well as guidelines around the three main categories that should be considered: security, performance and operability.

Read/Download the White Paper