Don’t Let the Maven Deploy Plugin Trip You Up

Apache Maven is a commonly used build tool. It has many cool features such as default processing steps that are included out of the box, and is particularly good for compiling and packaging Java code. But this blog post is not an introduction to Maven. There are plenty of great books that provide that, and … Continued


Whale Parts in Your Docker Registry

There are many good reasons why you would set up a private Docker registry in Artifactory to manage your Docker images. One of them is the ability to promote images, letting you easily move and copy images from one repository to another in your CI/CD pipeline while setting different access privileges. Another is Artifactory’s universal … Continued


JFrog CLI Offers Fully Reproducible Builds For All

One of the big advantages of running builds through Artifactory is that it stores exhaustive build information generated by the different plugins used with common build tools. This is the “Bill of Materials” that lets you fully reproduce any build even if it has already been deployed to production. It includes everything from artifact versions … Continued

Process is Critical So Are the Systems of Record.

You probably read the awesome post in the Netflix Engineering Tools team blog about the build process that Netflix uses to continuously deploy the service that streams movies and TV shows to more than 75 million global Netflix members. And while the post concentrates on the build process – the build tool, the CI server and the … Continued