SUSE and JFrog Accelerate Cloud Native Development for the Enterprise

SUSE CaaS collaborates with artifactory_

Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind! 

(On Beyond Zebra!, by Dr. Seuss (1955))

It’s time to get Enterprise class Kubernetes to run your applications. SUSE enables organizations to accelerate app development by providing a platform that streamlines lifecycle operations for traditional and cloud-native technologies. SUSE enables you to deploy, manage, and scale your applications using the SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform. It’s support of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies provide the flexibility to use a wide variety of tools and frameworks for cloud-native development. When development teams are empowered with this kind of flexibility they are not going to stay behind, they’re going to start moving fast!

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple

(Dr. Sueus)

Working with cloud-native technologies will unlock all kinds of creativity and innovation resulting in a wide variety of tools and languages,  usually spread across distributed locations. The resulting dynamics and heterogeneity add significant complexity to understanding what is being delivered and introduce a new set of questions that need to be asked:

  • What is in that container we just shipped? Has it been tested and scanned?
  • Do we know where we are exposed to this new vulnerability we just learned about?
  • Can we support the team that wants to use this new development framework?

Artifactory provides insight to SUSE CaaS Platform

To tackle these exact issues and provide clarity to the process, SUSE has powered up with JFrog. JFrog provides Artifactory, a universal repository manager serving as a Kubernetes Registry that handles all the ingredients required to construct and manage your path from source to the SUSE CaaS Platform.

Artifactory in the SUSE CaaS platform, allows you to:

  • store and cache all external dependencies in local repositories in your CI environment, including the operating system, language, framework, container, and configurations.
  • treat Docker images as ephemeral packaging to get code into production.
  • minimize the chances you will have to manually rebuild your Docker images once they are beyond prototyping and in the CI flow.

Together SUSE and JFrog enable enterprises to move with speed and confidence enabling teams to deliver high-quality software everywhere with any tool. Try the SUSE CaaS Platform and JFrog Artifactory Enterprise to make this a reality for you.