Skill Up with DevOps Training at SwampUP

Team skills are directly proportional to project success

Training and team talent are often overlooked as essential pieces of a project’s success.  Analysis from IDC research suggests that the skills of a team are directly proportional to the team’s ability to deliver successful projects on time and with high quality.

“To maximize project success and ultimate business value, IT organization leaders should develop relevant and robust training programs to ensure teams know how to deploy a new technology and adhere to new procedures and can perform their assigned tasks.” — Cushing Anderson, IT Education and Certification research

JFrog DevOps Training

JFrog actively provides DevOps training to its customers and users.  We offers webinars every Tuesday as part of the ‘Tuesdays with JFrog’ series which goes from introductory essentials for OSS users to Enterprise users of our products.  In addition, JFrog offers training to all its enterprise customers as instructor led online and onsite training. 

And based on community requests, we also offer DevOps training as part of our swampUP conference. It was well received last year, and was one of the highlights for last year’s attendees.  In fact, 94% of people surveyed indicated they would recommend swampUP because of the training.

In 2017, we will once again offer DevOps training as the first day of swampUP on May 24th followed by two full conference days on May 25th and 26th.   Here’s a quick run down of the courses we will offer and what we will cover in them.

Advanced Automation with JFrog Artifactory:

In this advanced DevOps training class, students will learn how to take Artifactory to the next level by mining your artifact’s metadata. The hands-on class will use JFrog CLI, Artifactory Query Language (AQL), REST APIs and User plug-ins to illustrate managing an artifact’s lifecycle. This is a half day class.

Essentials of JFrog Artifactory:

In this hands-on training, student will learn the basics of JFrog Artifactory, and its ecosystem.  The training will include how to configure repositories, and how to use the REST API, CLI and AQL. The training will also include best practices and use cases with build tools and CI servers commonly used with JFrog Artifactory.  This is a full day class.

Advanced CI:  Commit to Deployment for Docker:

This training session will explore how to use the advanced features and concepts native to JFrog Artifactory, to create a lifecycle management pipeline for Docker images. This training session will also highlight the best practices for using the two products together. This is a full day class.

Global Monitoring and Disaster Recovery with Mission Control:

This training class will allow students to learn the basics of JFrog Mission Control, and accomplish standard tasks across a multi-site topology of JFrog Artifactory including configuring, synchronization, license management,  and creating a strong disaster recovery plan.

Smart Distribution with JFrog Bintray:

This hands-on class will teach students how to create a fully automated distribution platform from ensuring support for different types of software packages and binaries, guaranteeing the right access control and entitlements, minimizing security issues and maintaining a reliable platform.  This is a half-day class.

Essentials of JFrog Xray:

In this hands-on class, students will learn how to leverage JFrog Xray to achieve transparency of the binary components in their Artifactory repositories as part of an automation solution. Students will also learn how understand the impact of these components on production system quality, performance, and architectural changes. This is a half day class.

Scaling for the Enterprise with JFrog Artifactory:

In this class, students will learn how to leverage Artifactory to achieve high availability, scale with S3 file storage and utilize multi-push replication.  You will also learn how to replicate a local repository from a single source to multiple enterprise target sites simultaneously.  This is a half day class.

If you’re looking to skill up on JFrog technologies, or looking for your entire team to train together, we hope you will sign up for swampUP 2017. We are currently offering early bird prices until Feb 28th, with $100 – $200 off the regular prices.