Meet the all-new Artifactory Online Dashboard

If you haven’t yet heard about our exciting new release of Artifactory 4, then you can read about it in our release notes. It comes with a whole bunch of new features, and most visibly, a brand new UI. Well, our Artifactory Online community is also reaping the benefits of this release, and, in addition to V4, we are giving you a brand new dashboard. Yes, we know you already had one, but this new one is even better. Here are a few reasons why:

Divide and conquer
Your Artifactory Online account and the Artifactory Online server instance are now managed as two completely separate entities, each at a different URL and with a convenient link to the other. This avoids confusion when managing the account as opposed to using Artifactory Online as a repository manager. Want to go from the Dashboard to manage your server? Just click “Go to my Server”. Want to go back? Just click “Log in to account management” on your Artifactory Online home screen.

Your Dashboard
Your AOL server instance

The Dashboard conveniently displays a graph that clearly shows your usage stats during the current month (updated every 30 minutes) , and the corresponding charge that will be made in the next billing run. This keeps you aware of any overage that may occur, and avoids surprises in the next billing run.

Directly manage your billing details
The new Dashboard lets you manage your billing details directly – including your credit card information. Isn’t that convenient? And don’t worry, we never store your credit card information on our systems; we just pass it on to our billing provider over a secure connection when you enter or update it.


You can also see all your billing reports.

New customers are already seeing the new dashboard. Existing customers, please hang tight just a little while longer until we migrate your accounts.