JFrog Visits with New York Stock Exchange About COVID-19

FrogCare COVID-19

JFrog was honored to be recently interviewed by NYSE Floor Talk regarding the company’s efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. The quick video was shot at a safe social distance of course, but focused on JFrog’s FrogCare program.

The program provides free software development and DevOps tools to accelerate delivery for research organizations that are supporting the fight against the novel coronavirus.

JFrog co-founder and CEO Shlomi Ben Haim and JFrog’s Head of R&D Yaniv Shani joined the NYSE for the chat (~10 mins).


Video Transcript

I’m Judy Shaw for NYSE Floor Talk. Joining me today is Shlomi Ben Haim. He is the CEO and co-founder of JFrog. And Yaniv Shani, he is the head of research and development at JFrog. Thank you both for joining me.

Wonderful morning from California. Great to join you today, Judy. Thank you.

Good evening from Israel. Nice to meet you.

Great to have you both here. Now, a quick note to our viewers before we get started, this interview is for informational purposes only. The NYSE doesn’t recommend any investments or investment strategies. Okay, so Shlomi, can you tell me, give me a high level intro as to what JFrog does and how your tool set is helping companies during the COVID crisis?

Yes. Well, JFrog is a software company in the domain that people will call DevOps. We are in the mission of making software releases, they’re called software updates smoother for everyone on the planet. Everything is already powered by software, even this session is powered by software, and there is a huge demand of the community to have a better experience when it comes to software update. Now we know that companies that will find the cure for COVID, hopefully very soon, will be powered by a very strong software organization. Therefore, we think that our solution might help and might power, and this was an idea that came from our R&D team, from developers, by developers for the developers community, and hopefully, it would be helpful.

Okay. Now, Yaniv, how does the JFrog DevOps platform support organizations that are fighting the virus?

As Shlomi mentioned, everything is powered by software. And because of that, any organization that develops software and solution to fight COVID will require fast and secure delivery of software updates. This include medical device, machine learning algorithm, cloud-based web application, mobile apps, and more. JFrog platform provides the infrastructure to manage the entire software development life cycle from co-development phase to the distribution of the software updates. We provide a set of tools and solution that streamlines the process in a sure, fast and secure software update delivery to any type of software application.

Shlomi, is Frog free?

Oh, Judy, this is not a sales exercise for us. This is not kind of a marketing campaign. We really thought about it a lot. And when our R&D came with this authentic request and idea, wonderful idea I have to say, we took it seriously and we don’t want it to be temporary. So JFrog will sponsor any organization on the planet that will help fighting COVID and not just by providing our free platform, our DevOps platform. We will also provide all the IT structure on the cloud provider and we will sponsor that. So the answer is yes, it’s going to be free.

Now Yaniv, why was this something JFrog wanted to bring to market?

As you know, we face a truly unprecedented situation that affects all of our surroundings. And during these special times, our core belief at JFrog and in our R&D is that we must take an active role and not stand still. As a tech company, we also know that software and technology will have a central role in supporting the health care system, governments, and actually all of us in fighting COVID. And because of that, we believe the JFrog platform will enable organization to accelerate the software development life cycle and we felt obligated to give back and support this effort. Furthermore, we do believe that everyone and every business should be doing what they can do in this special period

Question for both of you, can you explain the process of software updates right now and why it’s necessary?

Yeah. Yaniv, you want to go first?

I will give it a try, although it’s a very technical question that it’s hard to explain in high-level words, but I will try. In general, the software development life cycle is an iterative process that includes the development, the build and the distribution of the software. There is an ongoing development that is happening. You need to actually push new changes to the software, introduce new features and bugs. And we’re actually offering a solution that builds the software on the cloud.

Later on, before the software is ready to be shift, we offer product that enables the users to secure the software by scanning the final build and make sure that it’s free of security vulnerabilities. And in the final stage, we offer solution that allows our customers to distribute the softwares to any type of end device. All in all, JFrog platforms offers software infrastructures to accelerate the developer and also assure secure software delivery.

Yeah, and Judy, I will just add, look at our world. We are all addicted to software. And 10 years ago, when we founded JFrog, we identified [inaudible 00:05:49] there would be more software, there would be more consumer [inaudible 00:05:53] and the infrastructure that software is being built and released on must changed. And this is the innovation that JFrog came with and people today call it DevOps. This is the automation of the [old 00:06:06] process, and this is what we offer to the world, to the community, to our customers, and now to the COVID crisis.

Yaniv, what sort of companies are using this program and how can one learn more about this program?

Okay. I will start with the second question. In order to learn more about the program, the applicant can simply browse into our website, www.jfrog.com/covid19. There is a dedicated program page that you can simply register and apply. No credit card is required. After submission, we are providing immediate access to the platforms and the tools. In [parlance 00:06:52], we are reviewing the application and reaching out to the relevant organization and offering them what else we can support them.

In terms of companies that already taken the advantage, I can truly say that it’s a global response. We see applications coming in from North America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Also, there is a broad diversity of application, both in terms of solution and also in terms of the entities that applied.

Let me just name a few examples. We have, for example, startups that are developing medical device for diagnostics of coronavirus. We have a global enterprise that developed a cloud-based solution for early diagnostics based on machine learning algorithms applied on patient data. A group of volunteers reached out to us. They are developing a public web portal to support healthcare systems, share relevant COVID, spread information to the wide community, and more. Overall, looks very exciting to see the global efforts and the diversity of it.

Okay. And finally, Shlomi, any final thoughts from you?

Yes. First of all, I have to say we have 600 employees at JFrog and this project make me even more proud of what they can do and how can they give back to the community. JFrog was founded based on the open source community and we got a very big hug from the community that pushed us to where we are today. And this is one of those chances that you can actually give back. And when it came from our R&D, that was super authentic for me. It was beyond anything else that we could do for fighting the coronavirus.

Now we live in a day that is very unique in terms of the world become united. We are all, everywhere on the planet, we are united fighting the same enemy. And you’re from New York now. I’m in California. This just prove then that we need a better software solution in order to find a cure for the COVID-19 disease and, hopefully, it will come soon. So best wishes to everyone, good health. Stay strong and safe. Stay united and may the frog be with us.

Wonderful. Thank you both for joining me on NYSE Floor Talk.

Thank you so much.