JFrog and Valiantys: Partners in DevOps

JFrog and Valiantys

The integration between IT and development is a significant pain point for many teams as they start their DevOps journey. With the introduction of agile methodologies, the need to deploy more frequently and in shorter cycles has increased.  Yet, operations struggle to maintain the pace as “new” methodologies can create a bottleneck. Often, these development and operations teams have different tools, objectives, and team members.  To adopt a DevOps approach, companies need to cultivate a culture of collaboration,  and in many cases, this starts with choosing the right enterprise solutions to consolidate everyone under one platform.

Valiantys is a top Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with proven expertise in DevOps, Agile and ITSM. Their mission is to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and empower them to work smarter. After providing client-tailored services to over 3,500 companies, Valiantys offers expert guidance on Agile tools, including deployment (hosting, architecture, and implementation) and adoption (consulting and training).

Valiantys also provides its customers 24/5 support and is a global company with Atlassian certified consultants in Canada, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A Meeting of Minds

JFrog and Valiantys both saw how their respective suite of products complement each other, making one an essential extension of the other. To support and provide added value for their customers, Valiantys has partnered with JFrog and is now offering JFrog tools as a logical continuation of the Atlassian ALM suite. Together, the Atlassian suite and JFrog’s suite for universal artifact management and DevOps acceleration are perfectly suited for enterprise teams who want to adopt DevOps best practices:

  • Confluence: The ultimate content platform for collaboration on projects, documentation (such as requirement management) and company information
  • Jira: For agile software planning and development
  • Bitbucket: Collaboration on code
  • Bamboo: The choice product for continuous integration
  • JFrog Artifactory –  Enterprise Universal Repository Manager. Artifactory integrates with Bamboo and provides enterprise repository management that shortens release cycles by accelerating continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • JFrog Bintray: A universal software distribution platform that supports all major package formats for improved Continuous Delivery.
  • JFrog Xray: Performs universal artifact analysis providing continuous security, governance, and auditing of all artifacts in your CI/CD pipeline
  • JFrog Mission Control: Offers centralized control, management and monitoring for enterprise repositories assets globally.

The JFrog Bitbucket app is a great example of how these tools integrate seamlessly, breaking down the silos between teams on the technical front and providing a global overview at the enterprise level. This app creates a 4-way integration that provides a unified dashboard that visualizes the entire release pipeline from commit (to Bitbucket), through CI (on Bamboo), promotion through quality gates (on Artifactory) to release for distribution (on Bintray).

JFrog’s products, integrated with the Atlassian suite, allow Valiantys to accompany their customers down a complete path towards their DevOps end-game, providing transparency at a global level. Through their variety of services, Valiantys empowers their customers to make sense of these tools for easy deployment.

For example, Valiantys first scopes a customer, evaluating their current technology to see if the DevOps tools they are using are optimizing best DevOps practices for Continuous Integration and Deployment. Once their roadmap is set, Valiantys implements a proof of concept as the first step of deploying the Atlassian and JFrog solutions into the client’s environment and reassures them of their chosen solution. Likewise, Valiantys can also provide their customers with a turn-key managed hosting solution, allowing them to focus on producing quality code and faster deliveries.

Valiantys provides their customers with full support through their journey into DevOps. As a result of partnering with JFrog, they have expanded what they have been doing for over a decade and now provide consulting, training, hosting, architecture, implementation and support across the entire Atlassian and JFrog suite – resulting in a state-of-the-art DevOps ecosystem to integrate IT and development teams.

For more information on how Valiantys can help you on your path to DevOps with JFrog and Atlassian, Contact Valiantys.

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