JFrog joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation to help open source integration leap forward!

We are excited to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Silver member!

Well, that was a natural move for the frogs. As a true believers in OSS, Integration and cloud as a platform it is just natural for us to join the team and other members of the foundation and offer our value and experience to the community.

JFrog streamlining the software development process by introducing smart and agile techniques of binaries and software packages management. We were founded around an Open Source product – Artifactory, which now has over 20K installations around the world. Artifactory’s cloud-based offering serves and sponsors many OSS projects and offer the service free of charge to support open source users.

Projects including Pivotal’s SpringGrails are using Artifactory Cloud version in the last years, and our newest cloud-based social project – Bintray, is serving the OSS community by proving a free distribution platform for projects, including Pivotal’s Spring and Groovy.

So yes, it was just natural for the frogs and we are looking forward to driving the Open Source community even further forward, collaborating around cloud-based binary management solutions on the cloud foundry platform.

JFrog Co-founder and Chief Architect, Fred Simon was quoted saying: “Driven by Open Source and committed to the community, JFrog has always seen itself as a key influencer in promoting platforms for managing, packing and distributing artifacts,” said Fred Simon, Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog. “Through Artifactory and Bintray, JFrog already serves the SpringSource, Grails and Groovy communities, we now see ourselves even more committed as we join the Cloud Foundry Foundation.”