JFrog Artifactory Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Through a special initiative to support the open source community, JFrog Artifactory Cloud hosted on GCP is available at no charge, jointly sponsored by JFrog and Google, for qualified open source projects.

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Last May we announced a collaboration with Google to host our JFrog Artifactory Cloud solution on Google Cloud Platform (in addition to AWS, that was the only cloud hosting platform supported until then). The decision to adopt another hosting platform was easy to make since it creates an all-around WIN-WIN-WIN situation, which is something we love here at JFrog.

First and foremost, our customers win, because they can now choose between two of the leading cloud platforms on which to run their Artifactory Cloud service. Those already using other Google Cloud services can now co-locate their repositories using the same provider.

Then, our open source developer community has a big WIN. As part of this initiative, JFrog and Google are co-sponsoring free JFrog Artifactory Cloud accounts hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Why should you register?

  • You’ll join the world’s leading open source communities that use Artifactory, including Groovy, Spring, Grails and more
  • You’ll get the full experience with access to all the features of Artifactory Pro
  • Your project can grow as much as needed with the massive scalability provided by both Artifactory Cloud and GCP

All you need to do is fill out a registration form to submit your open source project. You’ll be up and running with repositories immediately. There’s a short qualification process to go through, so watch your email for messages about that.

Naturally, this is also a big win for us at JFrog. Being able to offer our services on multiple leading cloud platforms sits just right with our ethos of being “universal,” giving our customers freedom of choice in every aspect of their software development experience including their cloud hosting platform. But beyond that, we learned heaps about setting up an enterprise cloud service in our adoption of GCP and its various services when we migrated our infrastructure.

Want details on how our infrastructure is set up on GCP? Want to read about some of the insights we got setting up an enterprise-grade cloud service? Want to see what lessons we learned in the process?

Read our guest post on Google’s blog.