How to Integrate JFrog and Cycode

Why CyberSecurity is so important now more than ever

How to Integrate JFrog and Cycode

Four years ago the Clark School of engineering at the University of Maryland published a study quantifying that there is some kind of hacker attack happening every 39 seconds (on average). Which is unreal!!

hacker attack happening every 39 secondsSource: University of Maryland

A cyberattack can harm millions of people. Let’s take for example the Atlanta ransomware attack that used the infamous SamSam ransomware. The attackers asked for a ransom of $51,000. The SamSam ransomware was so harmful, causing the city of Atlanta to shut down and stay offline for five days. This led to several significant citywide operations to be halted. It ended up having a recovery cost of $17 million. Overall, businesses face over 4000 hacks every single day using ransomware alone.

Source Code Leaked and Posted to GitHub

In 2018 it happened to Snapchat. After their amazing success, their source code was available in a public GitHub repository, long enough for anyone to download it and keep it locally.snapchat code made public

There are many more different types of cyber attacks… Fishing, Malware, SQL injection, Zero-day exploits and many more.

So, how can we protect our organization?

There’s a variety of tools available in the security market, including Cycode which also smoothly integrates with the JFrog DevOps Platform.

Cycode secures your software delivery pipelines and provides full visibility into the enterprise development infrastructure. Cycode’s advanced detection capabilities correlate event data and user activity across the SDLC to create contextual insights and automate remediation using the knowledge graph.

Cycode supports different integration types for your source control, build container registries, cloud and infrastructure and much more.

Cycode supports different integration typesSource:

Get started with Cycode and JFrog Pipelines in 3 steps

Here’s how you can integrate JFrog Pipelines and Cycode in 3 easy steps.

  1. Add JFrog Pipelines from the integration tab.
    Add JFrog Pipelines from the integration tab
  2. Add the JFrog Platform URL and the Admin Access Token.
    Add the JFrog Platform URL and the Admin Access Token
  3. Add your JFrog pipeline as the build workflow run to Cycode’s powerful knowledge graph.
    Add your JFrog pipeline as the build workflow

In this example build, we added some hard coded secrets that will be viewed on the violation sections:

hard coded secrets

That’s it! The Cycode integration will now scan all future build workflow for security vulnerabilities.

Get started with the JFrog Platform and Cycode integration.