Cluster Management Made Simple with JFrog Artifactory and HashiCorp Nomad

Artifactory and Nomad

Many new technologies are laser-focused on cloud-native applications and architectures. However, not all applications are there just yet. Someone only reading trade press, may get the idea that all applications are there. The reality is that applications continue to take many forms, and will for a long time to come.

It is refreshing to learn about HashiCorp Nomad, which is designed to bring some of the niceties of cloud-native to the rest of the world. Nomad provides robust cluster management (similar to Kubernetes) in a much more general purpose skin. Nomad enables DevOps teams to distribute applications and services robustly across just about any kind of infrastructure, from bare metal, on-prem virtual machines, to cloud infrastructure as a service, container platforms, etc. This combination of flexibility and simplicity is increasingly appealing to organizations overwhelmed by complex clustering tools that assume too much about the application.

This flexibility and simple power of Nomad doesn’t absolve teams from solving the challenge of managing dependency on third-party open source and commercial software packages. JFrog Artifactory, the enterprise universal repository manager, works great with Nomad and complements it, enabling organizations to make their builds repeatable, safe, and fast.

The following screencast demonstrates how Nomad and Artifactory together make beautiful application infrastructure music.

Try HashiCorp Nomad and JFrog Artifactory together, and let me know how it goes.