The Best Ways to Synchronize Binaries Between Globally Distributed Teams

multi-site replication

Distributed software development has become commonplace, especially in large enterprises that have several sites in different locations around the globe. This presents many challenges to ensure that all the development teams work on a coherent and synchronized code base. For example:

  • Ensuring that developers all work with the same version of remote artifacts
  • Ensuring that all build artifacts are shared efficiently between the different teams
  • Overcoming connectivity issues such as network stability and latency when accessing remote artifacts

To overcome these challenges, Artifactory supports several ways to replicate repositories and accommodate a variety of distributed topologies to meet the needs of any enterprise.

Locality Redundancy Reliability

For questions on how to configure your own multi-site setup, please contact us at

Read this white paper to learn more about the different replication types, ways to implement multi-site topologies, and recommended configurations.

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