JFrog Artifactory CE: Your Conan C/C++ Package Manager Repository

JFrog Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++

JFrog Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++

This product gives all the power and flexibility of the Artifactory repository for Conan and generic binaries to the C/C++ world completely free of charge to any software team.

JFrog Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++

As the preferred Conan repository manager, Artifactory Community Edition features similar functionalities as the JFrog OSS edition, while containing support only for Conan and generic repositories.

Conan is an open source C/C++ package manager providing a model that reduces the binary compatibility problem while simultaneously supporting all major systems. Conan helps C and C++ developers to build applications and automate their dependencies across platforms. Thousands of developers are already using Conan in production. While C/C++ software teams can get many advantages out of the Artifactory edition using generic repositories and JFrog CLI, we strongly recommend that for development and package management purposes you consider adopting Conan. Conan works with any C/C++ build tool, and has helper capabilities for adoption for most popular C/C++ compilation environments. To learn more about Conan check out the Conan website.

At the end of 2016, JFrog took over full sponsorship of the Conan OSS Project, and began offering Conan repositories in our Professional editions of Artifactory. As part of our ongoing commitment to the Conan project, and the concept of C/C++ package management as a capability that all software teams should be able to experience, we are thrilled to be able to offer Conan repositories in a free-of-charge edition of Artifactory for use by any C/C++ software team.  JFrog Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++ represents a forward leap in the capabilities of C/C++ teams for software automation and DevOps.

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