Prepare for C/C++ Victory: Announcing Conan 2.0 Tribe

A package manager wins on the strength of its warriors — those developer leaders who passionately advocate for it to be adopted by their teams and organizations.

In just two years, Conan quickly found its champions among C/C++ developers, and their feedback and code contributions have been vital in making the open source software package manager a powerful solution. The system of dependency management has helped extend best CI/CD DevOps practices to engineering embedded systems, IoT devices, video games, and more. Millions of packages are downloaded from ConanCenter every month.

So when the Conan team embarked on its quest to define the next generation of the C/C++ package manager, they put out the call for these warriors to join them on the field.

Introducing Conan 2.0 Tribe

The next version of Conan will be defined with the help of the Conan 2.0 Tribe, a technical group of experienced and active Conan users and contributors. Selected through a recently completed submission process, these expert members of the Tribe will participate through consultation and feedback in shaping what Conan 2.0 looks like.

The chosen Conan 2.0 Tribe is a global group of developer volunteers representing a diverse set of industries driving financial, automotive, aerospace, and medical innovation. By playing an active role in specification, alpha and beta testing, this team will help ensure Conan 2.0 meets the broad needs of the C/C++ developer community.

What’s On the Agenda

Conan will be expanding on its latest round of improvements, such as lockfile versioning.

The list of roadmap features for Conan 2.0 is long, but the key priorities include: 

  • An improved graph model
  • Selecting appropriate package default values
  • Deprecation of obsolete configuration modes
  • Modernizing build system toolchains and practices

Users of Conan 2.0 should anticipate improvements that give them greater insight into and control over their C/C++ dependencies, in ways that fit their daily way of working.

Learn More

The formation of the Conan 2.0 Tribe reflects the JFrog Community Team’s commitment to participatory development of standards from the developer community. And as always, you can rely on the new version of Conan’s native integration into Artifactory, including the free Artifactory Community Edition for Conan, to host C/C++ packages on your own server.

To learn more about Conan 2.0 Tribe, how it will work and over what time frame, see the launch announcement on the Conan blog.

We’re eager for the victories Conan Tribe warriors will achieve!