Nitzan Gotlib

Nitzan Gotlib is a security lead and engineer with vast experience in monitoring and incident response. In his current position, Nitzan is leading the Incident Response and SecOps team at JFrog. Prior to JFrog, Nitzan was at Wix specializing in security monitoring, incident response and threat intelligence. In the last decade, Nitzan has worked in various sectors, from finance and healthcare to tech and startups.

The Latest From Nitzan Gotlib

  • Part I: A Journey Into the World of Advanced Security Monitoring

    | 7 min read

    Dealing with hundreds of security alerts on a daily basis is a challenge. Especially when many are false positives that waste our time and all take up too much of our valuable time to sift through. Let me tell you how our security team fixed this, as we built security around the JFrog products. First,…

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