DevSecOps 101: Presenting Pyrsia

Hear about Pyrsia, the Decentralized Package Network. JFrog Solutions Engineering Manager William Manning will be interviewing JFrog Development Manager Sudhindra Rao on this new community initiative. Pyrsia enables developers to quickly and easily leverage any package with confidence and transparency.

What’s Pyrsia?

  • Pyrsia aims to seamlessly integrate with the package managers developers are already using. The day to day impact should be minimal with the default configuration. Advanced workflows can easily be enabled.
  • The combination of an open-source, customizable architecture, and a robust, active community makes Pyrsia the most open way to obtain packages.
  • Interoperability without foregoing compatibility, security, or efficiency; learn how Pyrsia takes a unique, multifaceted approach to address each of these factors.
  • Developers are often forced to make tradeoffs between compatibility, security, and efficiency to interact with central repositories. This has led to the creation of bridges, proxies, and other proprietary solutions, all with their own limitations. Pyrsia takes a unique, transparent approach to address these tradeoffs.

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