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Docker is the world’s leading software container platform to modernize applications without disruption. Docker is available as Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE), with optimized installers for a variety of infrastructures.

Artifactory is your Docker Registry

JFrog provides end-to-end support for Docker. Both Artifactory and Bintray can act as a fully-fledged repository for Docker images, and support all Docker Registry APIs. This allows the Docker client to work with Artifactory and Bintray directly and presents security benefits and more for enterprise Docker users.

Flexible Management

Artifactory provides you with flexible search capabilities to help you find any Docker images stored in your system and provides a set of common built-in searches. Easily find the “latest” version of any image. Flexible smart search allows for search of Docker images using rules relevant to your workflow.

Greater Control

When all teams know that any image can be accessed from a single URL, access to local images and managing them between the different teams becomes very easy. Docker Registry with secure “docker push” and “docker pull” for access control.

Protection from Build to Deploy

By using a local repository within Artifactory, enterprises can exceed the security offered by Docker private registries and enjoy fine-grained access control to their images. A full-fledged secure Docker registry from development to distribution.

Secure Docker Registry

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Artifactory as a Docker Registry

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