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Consulting Packages

Devops Assessment

Includes an assessment of your company’s current DevOps state, documentation of your pains, setting of your desired state, finding the gaps and planning out next steps. Many enterprises have maturity in some areas of their DevOps pipeline, but can feel stuck in what to do next. We’re here to help.

When should you do this?
When you have complex, multi-site, enterprise DevOps challenges, but are looking for best practices and methods to take the next step in your journey.

What will JFrog provide?
Thorough review of architecture/code/practices/tools to understand your challenges
Interviews and round tables with engineers and managers
Thorough review of CI/CD pipelines and dashboards to surface pain points
Summary meeting with all stakeholders to display findings
Presentations and documentation containing: observations, desired state, any identified gaps, overall recommendations and prioritization of next steps

Launch Starter

It’s time to launch your JFrog platform! JFrog experts will help you take off with your Enterprise+ platform, including understanding your specific use cases, challenges and constraints, setting goals, building the architecture and implementing a POC. We’ll transfer all this knowledge to your engineers so your company can be self-sufficient.

When should you do this?
When you’ve made the strategic decision that your DevOps journey necessitates a universal platform solution to manage your enterprise pipelines from code through distribution.

What will JFrog provide?
Review of your use cases, challenges and constraints
Review your future plans and recommend solutions to set you up for success
Assist in the setting of goals for your adoption
Design and setup the ideal architecture to achieve the defined goals taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • Scale and Performance

  • Distributed Development

  • Artifact Lifecycle Management

  • Distribution of Releases

  • Artifact Security Management

A complete design document for your new CI/CD infrastructure
A working POC of the designed CI/CD pipeline and solutions
Providing your engineers with the required knowledge to sustain the development and oversight of your new, modern DevOps infrastructure

Distribution workshop

JFrog consultants will thoroughly examine your overall software distribution needs and processes. We’ll help you set your desired software distribution state and design, and build a software distribution POC together with your team.

When should you do this?
When your software distribution has enterprise-oriented attributes, such as a large number of distribution destinations, complex topologies, large scale, need for atomicity, security requirements or any other high-end software distribution requirement.

What will JFrog provide?
Review of your current software distribution practices (if existing)
Interviews with all software distribution stakeholders to understand goals and constraints
Design an enterprise-ready software distribution solution based on JFrog products
A design document for your new software distribution solution
A working POC of the designed solution


JFrog experts will examine the artifact security scanning practices across your CI/CD pipelines (if existing). We’ll help you plan and set up the perfect artifact security scanning solution to establish DevSecOps standards in your organization.

When should you do this?
When your enterprise-level Dev(Sec)Ops environments are necessitating a “shift left” into the CI/CD pipeline.

What will JFrog provide?
Review of the current scanning solution (if any exists)
Understanding and documenting of your artifact security and compliance needs
Design and setup of an artifact security management solution based on JFrog products
A design document for your new artifact security management solution
A working POC of the new or improved enterprise solution that naturally integrates into your devops pipeline