Juan Perez

Juan Perez

Former JFrog Technical Writer

Juan has been writing about enterprise and consumer IT for 25+ years — both as an award-winning reporter and editor, and as a content marketer. His areas of expertise include cybersecurity, DevOps, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile apps and ITOps.

The Latest From Juan Perez

  • JFrog and PagerDuty Extend Ecosystem Integration

    | 4 min read

    JFrog and PagerDuty have deepened their technology integration to further boost IT operators’ and developers’ visibility into the software development lifecycle and accelerate incident resolution. The latest integration, which involves the JFrog Pipelines DevOps pipeline automation solution, simplifies and streamlines how to identify faulty builds that impact production environments. With Pipelines and PagerDuty’s digital operations…

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  • IDC: Become a Digital Innovation Factory with These 4 Pillars of Modern DevOps

    | 12 min read

    It’s do or die. In today’s brutally competitive digital economy, it is imperative for organizations to transform themselves into software-driven businesses -- becoming “digital innovation factories” that can quickly and efficiently create and distribute new digital services. This enables them to be resilient, nimble, and innovative,  creating business value and responding to market shifts and…

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  • Enterprise DevOps: 5 Keys to Success with DevOps at Scale

    | 14 min read

    After getting a taste of DevOps’ benefits, enterprises naturally seek to widen its adoption. However, the tooling and processes that work for small-scale use cases often fall short when teams try to scale DevOps efforts. You must support all your different teams, toolsets, applications, processes, workflows, release cycles and pipelines -- both legacy and cloud…

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  • Worried about DevOps Security? Come to Our Webinar and Overcome Your Fears

    | 2 min read

    Are you afraid of inadvertently releasing unsafe code? Do you worry about hackers breaching your critical application -- and creating mayhem for your business and its customers? Are you overwhelmed by SDLC security concerns? You’re not alone. DevOps teams know they can’t overlook security or treat it as an afterthought. Doing so, they realize, puts…

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  • Simply the Best: JFrog’s Top DevOps Articles from 2020

    | 6 min read

    In 2020, JFrog’s experts published a treasure trove of content -- blogs, articles, infographics, and more -- to share insights and advice with our customers and the DevOps community at large. In case you missed them -- or want to re-read them -- here’s a list of the most popular ones. They range from a…

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  • SDLC Security: It’s Personal for JFrog

    | 7 min read

    The SolarWinds hack, which has affected high-profile Fortune 500 companies and large U.S. federal government agencies, has put the spotlight on software development security -- a critical issue for the DevOps community and for JFrog. At a fundamental level, if the code released via CI/CD pipelines is unsafe, all other DevOps benefits are for naught.…

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