Worried about DevOps Security? Come to Our Webinar and Overcome Your Fears

JFrog-Google Cloud devsecops webinar

Are you afraid of inadvertently releasing unsafe code? Do you worry about hackers breaching your critical application — and creating mayhem for your business and its customers? Are you overwhelmed by SDLC security concerns? You’re not alone.

DevOps teams know they can’t overlook security or treat it as an afterthought. Doing so, they realize, puts their applications at an elevated risk of breaches. They’re aware they must apply stringent security best practices, and integrate security checks across their CI/CD pipeline. And they must keep up with hackers’ increasingly sophisticated threats. It’s a lot, right?

No wonder security keeps DevOps teams up at night. But worry not! JFrog and Google Cloud have prepared a group therapy session to allay your fears. The cure? DevSecOps knowledge! Tune into our webinar “Your Software is Secure Until it’s Not” on Feb. 10 at 3 pm PST, featuring JFrog Developer Advocates Kat Cosgrove and Melissa McKay, and Google Senior Staff Engineer Seth Vargo. You’ll get insights, tips and recommendations galore.

In a wide-ranging, unscripted and interactive discussion that’ll include questions from the audience, our speakers will cover topics including:

  • Vulnerability detection and management
  • SDLC security use cases
  • The dangers of misconfigurations
  • Safe usage of third-party open source software
  • CI/CD security automation
  • “Work from home” security advice

Register today and learn how you can embed security natively across your SDLC for safer and more stable code, faster software development and more agile application delivery.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind webinar!