CTO Corner with Yoav Landman, JFrog Episode 1: Build Info

Want a glimpse at what it is like to be a CTO of a DevOps company? Join JFrog’s CTO Yoav Landman for our new CTO Corner Series. Each episode will feature a topic that is at the forefront of every technologist’s mind… or should be. Yoav will be discussing hot topics in tech with other industry leaders giving you an opportunity to see behind the curtain of the decision makers.

Shifting left is now being considered a core principle of development instead of a shift – security is important. The question we should be asking ourselves what methodologies we should employ to secure our businesses. For Yoav, the core solution is found in Build Info or SBOMs. This binary metadata is invaluable for developers to track and trace vulnerabilities in their code. We’ll dive into why this is important and why most implementations today are low fidelity but can be fixed with open source options.

Join Yoav, Eyal Ben Moshe, JFrog Ecosystem Development Manager and additional industry experts as we discuss the best practices for securing your code.

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