DockerCon SF 2018


San Francisco, CA

DockerCon 2018 is a three-day, technology conference organized by Docker, Inc. that takes place from June 11-15 in San Francisco, CA. DockerCon will build on the success of previous conferences as it grows and reflects Docker’s robust ecosystem and ever-growing community.

DevOps Days Boise 2018


Boise, ID

DevOps Days is a worldwide community conference series for anyone interested in IT improvement.

DevXCon San Francisco 2018


San Francisco, CA

Join us at DevXcon to share and learn how the most successful developer-targeted companies build APIs, tools and infrastructure that developers love to use.

Voxxed Days Singapore 2018



The international conference for developers, Voxxed Days, will take place for the 2nd time in Asia on June 1st, 2018. We’ll welcome fantastic speakers and professionals for this unforgettable two days. As with Devoxx, a spirit of openness, community, killer content and low priced tickets underpin the Voxxed Days philosophy.

Devoxx France 2018


Paris, France

La conférence pour les Développeurs Passionnés

Oracle Code NY 2018


New York, NY

Oracle Code is a free event for developers to learn about the latest developer technologies, practices, and trends. Learn from technical experts, industry leaders, and other developers in keynotes, sessions, and hands-on labs. Experience cloud development technology in the Code Lounge with workshops and other live, interactive experiences and demos.

QCon London 2018


London, UK

QCon London is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software shops.

DevNexus 2018


Atlanta, GA

The goal of the Devnexus Conference is to connect developers from all over the world, provide affordable education, and promote Open Source values.