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Python at JFrog

At JFrog, we are making endless software versions a thing of the past, with liquid software that flows continuously and automatically from build all the way to deployment. With this in mind, we’ve developed the world’s first universal artifact management platform, ushering in a new era in DevOps – Continuous Updates. Ten years later, with thousands of customers, and millions of users globally, JFrog has become the “Database of DevOps” and de-facto standard in release and update management.

JFrog embraces the Python language for multiple uses cases and technology solutions including provisioning machines, tooling for Pipelines, creating machine learning models, securing Python modules, and even Python-based microservices in the JFrog Platform.

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Daniel Keler

Daniel Keler

SuperFrog & OpenShift QE DevOps Team Leader Red Hat

Daniel Keler, is a SuperFrog, and is currently the OpenShift QE DevOps Team Leader at Red Hat. Prior to this Daniel was the Automation Tech Lead at JFrog. Tt was 12 years ago that he moved from Brazil to Israel where his life changed forever. It was then that Daniel fell in love with the Tech creation world, from Code to Cloud. He loves swimming, coding, playing guitar, containers, Muay Thai, lambda and hiking (not necessarily in this order). Daniel is the proud father of a polyglot 3 years old butterfly and he is married to the techiest geographer in the middle east.