Conan Package Manager for C++ in Practice @ Chicago C/C++ Meetup

Conan Package Manager for C++ in Practice 
Talk description: The Conan package manager for C++ is useful in both simple and advanced development environments. Join the Conan team to see it in action, with a simple demo using OSS libraries and tools from ConanCenter, and a more complete demo showing how to create and upload a package including different binaries for different platforms to a private repository. Also, learn about many other unique and innovative advanced Conan features along the way.


Jerry Wiltse

Jerry Wiltse

Senior Software Engineer - Conan Team

Jerry Wiltse is a Senior Software Engineer of the Conan development team, and has been dedicated to build engineering for C and C++ since 2016. He is an avid open-source enthusiast but also deeply focused on enterprise development environments. He is also the narrator and creator of the Conan learning track on the JFrog Academy.

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