JFrog IntelliJ IDEA Plugin: Security Right from the Developer IDE

As developers we want to make sure the third party libraries used in our code are safe to use. Free of security vulnerabilities and license violations, with our SCA Tools.

In this video we’ll go through the 2 easy steps you need to get started with the JFrog IntelliJ IDEA Plugin.


Set Up a FREE JFrog Environment in the Cloud:

  • On MacOS and Linux using cUrl
    curl -fL https://getcli.jfrog.io?setup | sh
  • On Windows using PowerShell
    powershell "Start-Process -Wait -Verb RunAs powershell '-NoProfile iwr https://releases.jfrog.io/artifactory/jfrog-cli/v2-jf/[RELEASE]/jfrog-cli-windows-amd64/jf.exe -OutFile $env:SYSTEMROOT\system32\jf.exe'"; jf setup

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