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JFrog democratizes DevOps for C and C++ communities, with free Conan support in Artifactory

Press release, March 28, 2018

JFrog announces free Artifactory Community Edition to help accelerate the DevOps revolution by bringing the most reliable software repository to C/C++ community

SUNNYVALE, California, March 27, 2018 – JFrog, the DevOps accelerator, announces that JFrog Artifactory, the company’s universal software repository, now offers a free community edition that serves the C and C++ communities via the Conan package manager. The new enterprise-class offering is the first repository available to the C and C++ communities that manages packages at scale for free.

Every enterprise company has a C and C++ legacy, yet until today, this investment was not DevOps ready. C and C++ languages are used by millions of programmers with billions of lines of code utilizing the languages. The code has been used to build every type of application from embedded systems to IoT solutions. Using a C/C++ artifact repository is necessary to automate C and C++ code and apply continuous integration in the DevOps flow.

Conan, the leading open source packaging manager among the C and C++ communities, provides a model that reduces the binary compatibility problem while simultaneously supporting all major systems. Conan helps C and C++ developers to build applications and automate their C++ dependencies across platforms. C++ developers are already using Conan in production, and JFrog Bintray for universal binaries distribution. As part of its community approach, JFrog is embracing the world’s C and C++ communities, empowering millions of developers with a free community version of Artifactory that offers Conan support in order to help continuously and automatically release binaries.

“Artifactory Community Edition for C and C++ is a huge step forward for Conan users. From now on, they can easily host private Conan repositories in-house, enjoying the user interface, the advanced permissions and authentication, and increased scalability. And all for free,” said Conan Co-founder, Diego Rodriguez-Losada. “This is the ultimate resource to democratize DevOps for C and C++ developers around the world, accelerating software delivery in a scalable manner taking another step closer to liquid software.”

This year at swampUP, the JFrog annual user conference, JFrog will have a special focus on Conan and C++ development including a full-day training session, dedicated Conan track, and ample opportunity to engage with Conan founders and community thought leaders. swampUP will be held in Napa Valley, on May 16th-18th, 2018. Tickets are now available online at https://swampup.jfrog.com.

To learn more about the technical details of this release visit JFrog’s blog.

About JFrog “The database of DevOps”:

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