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Groundbreaking Technology for DevOps Omniscience; JFrog Announces Immediate Availability of JFrog Xray

Press Release, July 5, 2016

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 5, 2016 – JFrog, the worldwide leader in infrastructure for software management and distribution, today announced the immediate availability of JFrog Xray, its pioneering product for accelerating software delivery by giving organizations unprecedented insight into their software packages and containers.


As the industry’s first universal artifact analysis product, JFrog Xray works with all software package formats and a multitude of databases as it deeply and recursively scans every type of binary component ever used in a software project and points out changes or issues impacting the production environment.


“The early response to JFrog Xray has been phenomenal,” said Shlomi Ben Haim, founder and CEO of JFrog. “We’re excited that more and more organizations will now be able to benefit from this pioneering technology for gaining radical transparency into the huge volume and variety of binary components used in development. The combination of validating with security databases, along with acquiring metadata from JFrog Artifactory makes JFrog Xray the only tool in the world that not only scans the container or software package, but also provides a full dependency graph and impact analysis to the user. Our goal is to address the real DevOps pain and not just to send another scanner to the market!”


As organizations increasingly transform from isolated teams and role-specific tools to common delivery pipelines shared by global teams and driven by seamlessly interoperating tools, they need to understand all the binary artifacts they produce, across all product lines and geographies, and taking into account changes to global application deployment and distribution over time.


JFrog Xray addresses this need by providing deep recursive scanning to repeatedly peel back the layers of software components and their accompanying metadata to uncover security vulnerabilities or other issues down to the most fundamental binary component no matter what binary packaging format the organization uses. This deep scanning of the dependency graph provides organizations the ability to perform impact analysis on changes to their package structure.


JFrog Xray is a fully automated platform with a powerful REST API, enabling integration with an organization’s CI/CD pipeline as well as with all current and any future types of component-scanning technology.


It integrates with a universal range of databases and security platforms so that critical necessities such as security vulnerability analysis, license compliance and component version analysis and assurance become possible not only at build time but across all of the enterprise’s binary digital assets.


JFrog Xray is available now at https://www.jfrog.com/xray/free-trial with a special webinar on JFrog Xray on July 14 – https://bit.ly/23gL143. More information about JFrog Editions – https://www.jfrog.com/pricing



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More than 2,500 paying customers, 60,000 installations and millions of developers globally rely on JFrog’s world-class infrastructure for software management and distribution. Customers include some of the world’s top brands, such as Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, MasterCard, Netflix, Barclays, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe and VMware. JFrog Artifactory, the Universal Artifact Repository, JFrog Bintray, the Universal Distribution Platform, JFrog Mission Control, for Universal Repository Management, and JFrog Xray, Universal Component Analyser, are used by millions of developers and DevOps engineers around the world and available as open-source, on-premise and SaaS cloud solutions.  The company is privately held and operated from California, France and Israel. More information can be found at www.jfrog.com.




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