Improve your Business Agility

JFrog Artifactory along with the SUSE CaaS Platform provides everything enterprises need to build and run your container-based applications and services efficiently at scale.

Accelerating Software Development

SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) is a specialized platform for microservices and containers. It provides production grade orchestration capabilities that reduces time to market by incorporating Kubernetes to deploy, manage, and scale applications more quickly and efficiently. The CaaS platform uses JFrog Artifactory, the universal binary repository manager, as its Kubernetes registry. Artifactory allows you manage your Docker images and gain valuable insight throughout the development and deployment process by providing traceability to all your artifacts as well as their dependencies (including Maven, npm, Debian, RPM, NuGet, and more) across all Docker images, applications, and components for all your versions.

Integration Highlights

Accelerate Application Development and Release with Higher Confidence

Enable and support your DevOps teams by accelerating your application development and release process. The SUSE CaaS platform automates deployments to accelerate time to market, reduce delivery costs, and increase quality, reliability and traceability. Its tight integration with Artifactory’s universal artifact repository with end-to-end automation and management of artifacts together provides a reliable and repeatable process across all development environments to ensure teams can deploy to production with higher confidence.

Collaborate Across Distributed Software Development Teams

Develop collaboratively as Artifactory ensures that all build artifacts are shared between geographically distributed development team across the globe are the same and shared efficiently.

Safe, Secure, and Auditable Solution

The SUSE CaaS platform keeps your applications available and safe with self-healing and advanced security capabilities, while JFrog Artifactory ensures auditing and tracking of all the changes to artifacts associated with a release.

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