Go From Dream to Done

Atlassian develops tools for collaboration in software development. From planning and tracking software, through organizing work and documentation, to coding, building, and shipping. The developers of industry standard products like JIRA Software for issue tracking, Confluence for team collaboration and documentation, BitBucket for version control, and HipChat Instant Messaging, Atlassian lets individuals team up to create what’s next in critical business activities, communication, and service management.

Building a Robust CI/CD Pipeline

JFrog Artifactory has plug-ins for both Atlassian BitBucket distributed version control system and Atlassian Bamboo CI/CD server to provide a unified understanding of the entire release pipeline. The Bamboo Artifactory plug-in provides efficient deployment of your artifacts to Artifactory by capturing information about artifacts deployed, dependencies resolved, environment data associated with the Bamboo build runs, and more.


Manage your Pipeline End-to-End

The JFrog add-on takes BitBucket beyond being just a collaborative Git solution. Together with JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Bintray, the integration with BitBucket becomes a comprehensive tool to monitor and manage the release and distribution pipeline end-to-end.  Efficiently manage your software release pipeline end-to-end.

Understand Stages of the Build

The Artifactory integrations with BitBucket and Bamboo makes it easy to identify where a build breaks down and allow your team to take remedial action in the right place immediately, there’s no development downtime. Development transparency provides a clear high-level view of the build status at each stage of the pipeline.

Greater Oversight

With the JFrog BitBucket add-on installed, BitBucket displays the status of artifacts as they go through the stages of the pipeline – build in the Bamboo CI server (i.e. Atlassian Bamboo), promotion in JFrog Artifactory, and distribution in JFrog Bintray.  Providing stage-by-stage monitoring ensures oversight and control.

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