JFrog Overview

Thanks for your interest in JFrog products. JFrog powers some of the world’s largest brands, and we’re excited to have you
as part of our family. Here, you’ll find details on the various JFrog solution packages and features that are available to you.
Please contact your sales representative with any other questions not addressed here.Jump to:
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JFrog Artifactory Pro

Artifactory Pro is the base version of JFrog’s flagship product, Artifactory. Artifactory includes a myriad of features developed by
development team to streamline your development processes and artifact management. 
Core features include:

  • Annual Artifactory Pro license
  • Universal package support for all major package types
  • Integrations with major CI/CD tools you likely already have
  • Free maintenance and upgrades at no extra charge

Note that the Pro version does not include 24/7 SLA support. 
The Pro version is available for purchase upon accepting the terms of JFrog’s End-User License Agreement (EULA),
at: https://www.jfrog.com/artifactory/eula/Visit JFrog’s website to learn more about the specific
commercial features available to you.

JFrog Artifactory Pro X

The JFrog Artifactory Pro X package includes JFrog Artifactory Pro as described above, but includes security and compliance tools delivered
via JFrog Xray, as well as other features. Xray includes a myriad of features developed by JFrog’s development team to integrate with Artifactory
to address security and compliance concerns. In addition to the features in Artifactory Pro, the Pro X package includes the following key features:

  • 24/7 SLA support
  • JFrog Xray
    • Deep recursive security scanning
    • License compliance scanning
    • Impact analysis
    • Dependency tracking
    • IDE and CI/CD integration
    • Open API

The Pro X version is available for purchase upon accepting the terms of JFrog’s End-User License Agreement (EULA), available
at:  https://www.jfrog.com/artifactory/eula/  

Visit JFrog’s website to learn more about the specific commercial features available to you.

JFrog Artifactory Enterprise

Artifactory Enterprise was designed with larger organizations in mind, and supports a High Availability (HA) infrastructure. Ideal for
minimization of downtime, Artifactory Enterprise supports a cluster of two or more Artifactory servers on the same LAN for redundancy
and failover. In addition to the features in Artifactory Pro, the Enterprise package includes the following key features:

    • 3 Artifactory servers
    • Multi-site replication
    • Advanced storage support and options
    • JFrog Mission Control included at no charge for advanced Administration
    • Maximized Uptime – up to 99.999%
    • Management of heavy loads with load balancing
    • Minimized Maintenance Downtime
  • (optional) JFrog Xray HA as an add-on

The Enterprise version is available for purchase upon accepting the terms of JFrog’s End-User License Agreement (EULA), as stated
at https://www.jfrog.com/artifactory/eula/

Visit JFrog’s website to learn more about the specific commercial features available to you.

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

The JFrog Enterprise+ Platform encompasses all of JFrog’s solutions and is designed for and consumed by the world’s largest companies.
Enterprise+ supports end-to-end development and automation across the DevOps pipeline from code to production. In addition to the
features in Artifactory Enterprise, the Enterprise+ package includes the following key features:

  • 6 Artifactory servers
  • On-site training
  • JFrog Xray HA built in
  • JFrog Pipelines (universal CI/CD baked in)
  • JFrog Insight (continuous intelligence about your DevOps pipeline)
  • JFrog Artifactory Edge Nodes (for secure software distribution)
  • JFrog Access Federation (for global access and permission control)

The Enterprise+ version is available for purchase upon accepting the terms of JFrog’s End-User License Agreement (EULA), as stated
at https://jfrog.com/enterprise-plus-platform/enterprise-plus-eula/

JFrog Cloud Solutions

JFrog offers unique, SaaS-based solutions for managing your development pipeline in the cloud. This optional way of consuming JFrog solutions
allows you maximum flexibility in choosing on-premise, self-hosted, vendor hosted, or SaaS solutions in a hybrid or multi-cloud business model.
Note that private cloud solutions are also available for self or vendor-managed solutions on IBM cloud. JFrog SaaS solutions provide the rich
feature set of traditionally-licensed solution, but add the following benefits, whether on Amazon Web Services [AWS], Google Cloud [GCP] or
Microsoft Azure:

  • Effortless private repo setup
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Distribution repositories
  • …and no infrastructure to manage!

JFrog SaaS solutions are available as Artifactory Cloud Pro, Cloud Pro X and Enterprise.
For dedicated installations of Artifactory Enterprise on your choice of cloud provider, JFrog provides the following:

  • Hosted JFrog Artifactory server with 24/7 SLA Support: JFrog’s SaaS solution provides all the features of Artifactory Pro, selected
  • enterprise features, 24/7 SLA support, ongoing updates and upgrades, near-zero set-up time and a dedicated machine hosted on Amazon
  • EC2, GCP or Azure.
  • JFrog Xray
  • Distribution Repositories 
  • Integrated database service – Artifactory’s metadata is stored in a database as part of the service. 
  • High performance storage: We use the most secure and performant disk technologies available for storing artifacts (SSD, redundancy…).
  • Logs on backup: Access your Artifactory logs which are stored in your cloud provider’s storage services.
  • We support several cloud regions: We know that you need your repo close to your team, and can set up the dedicated server across multiple regions. 
  • Virtual host name configuration: Ability to rename the Artifactory server URL to an internal domain URL. For example, us.repo.ea.com
    points to <company_name>.jfrog.io/<company_name>
     and is managed and declared specifically in our Apache server routing rules.
  • SSL for host name: This feature enables you to use your SSL certificate on your domain. JFrog will provide a dedicated IP and manage any special
    SSL setup required.
  • IP or domain filtering: Ability to control which IP or domain names have the permission to access your repositories.
  • Import/export: On-demand service for transferring large files for import/export operations or for backups to a private backup folder.

Artifactory cloud terms of use can be found at https://jfrog.com/artifactory/cloud-eula/.

JFrog Support

JFrog’s Service Level Agreement (with 4-hour response time) offers proactive support to maintain the quality and integrity of your production
deployment. JFrog support team along with R&D level deep knowledge of the JFrog tools will address any issues you may have. Please contact
your sales representative if you have other specific questions about support processes.

JFrog Consulting Services

For more than a decade, JFrog has supplied industry-leading DevOps tools and technology in support of the liquid software vision, including
artifact management, security scanning and full enterprise DevOps platforms.
To fully achieve your DevOps goals and leap into Enterprise DevOps, there are difficult decisions to be made about delivery methods, legacy
systems, CI/CD pipeline technologies and much more. Thankfully, many best practices and methodologies have emerged to close the gap
between these technology decisions and your business objectives.
JFrog DevOps Consulting Services are here to fully understand your goals, technical challenges and what success looks like for you. Our
partnership will allow you to leverage our experts – who have decades of focused DevOps experience – to optimize and implement the right
mix of tools, architectures, methods and training that will support your own liquid software goals: allowing your releases to flow unhindered
to your end users.
Why JFrog? Our experts have seen hundreds, if not thousands of different architectures, tools, technologies and solutions all aiming at the
same target: reaching continuous updates. This unique perspective makes us a trusted, experienced consulting partner. We look forward
to working with you.

Consulting Packages:

>>Enterprise DevOps Assessment

Includes an assessment of your company’s current DevOps state, documentation of your pains, setting of your desired state, finding the gaps
and planning out next steps. Many enterprises have maturity in some areas of their DevOps pipeline, but can feel stuck in what to do next.
We’re here to help.

>>Enterprise+ Launch Starter

It’s time to launch your JFrog platform! JFrog experts will help you take off with your Enterprise+ platform, including understanding your
specific use cases, challenges and constraints, setting goals, building the architecture and implementing a POC. We’ll transfer all this knowledge
to your engineers so your company can be self-sufficient.

 >>Software Distribution Workshop

JFrog consultants will thoroughly examine your overall software distribution needs and processes. We’ll help you set your desired software
distribution state and design, and build a software distribution POC together with your team.

>>DevSecOps Workshop

JFrog experts will examine the artifact security scanning practices across your CI/CD pipelines (if existing). We’ll help you plan and set up
the perfect artifact security scanning solution to establish DevSecOps standards in your organization.
For more details regarding the consulting packages please visit jfrog.com/consulting.

JFrog consulting services are available for purchase upon accepting the terms of the Services Agreement available at: https://jfrog.com/terms-of-use-enterprise-consulting/