JFROG Connect

Fast, trusted software deployment to Edge and IoT devices

Release and deploy to Edge and IoT devices at DevOps speed!

Software updates for Edge and IoT devices at any scale with end-to-end automation, deployment tracking, supply chain security, and fleet visibility.

JFrog Connect enabIes fast and safe software deployment to Edge and IoT devices when connectivity is limited, there are no skilled IT staff at every site,
devices are outside of the data center security perimeter, you have many different hardware platforms, and end-points are counted in the thousands.


Fleet Visibility
  • View status of the entire device fleet, including device state and application information
  • Segment and filter devices based on hierarchical groups and tags
Software Update
  • Continuously update software in large fleets of Linux devices adding features, repairing vulnerabilities and fixing bugs
  • Easily remediate update issues with automatic rollback
  • Securely log into remote devices as if they are in your office to diagnose issues with devices in the field and in development
  • Avoid insecure device passwords and firewall configurations
Device Monitoring
  • Collect performance metrics from devices in the field (CPU, RAM, disk)
  • Resolve issues quickly by getting alerts the moment the problem occurs

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