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What is JFrog Artifactory?
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Release Software Faster with JFrog Artifactory on AWS

JFrog Artifactory Cloud on AWS is a hosted solution for developers and DevOps engineers that provides complete control, insight and binary management throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps teams have transparency and control of their entire build and release process, all with the power of cloud-based development.

Flexible Scalability, Automated Backups, SLA-Based Support

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Always Updated with the Latest Version

This SaaS solution is automatically updated with the latest releases readily available for you to use. Including newly supported languages, enhancements and integrations.

Hassle-Free Development

Enables scaling flexibility as your development team grows. A secure and reliable solution that's hassle-free of any software purchasing, maintenance and hardware monitoring.

Universal Support for all DevOps Tools

JFrog Artifactory is the only universal repository manager that supports all leading CI servers, build tools, deployment and package managers and all the latest DevOps tools.