Know the Enemy: What Execs Need to Understand to Secure Their Software Supply Chain

A recent survey of 300+ IT executives revealed organizations today face the growing threat of software supply chain attacks, which can cripple operations and damage reputations. In a recent IDC survey, almost a quarter of respondents (23%) reported experiencing some type of software supply chain breach‌ — ‌an alarming increase of 241% from the previous year. Additionally, less than a third (30%) of respondents recognized a vulnerable software supply chain as a top security gap. The cost of inaction includes financial losses, legal repercussions, and a tarnished brand image.

Recent studies reveal alarming disconnects between senior leadership and hands-on staff regarding software supply chain security practices, highlighting vulnerabilities that malicious actors are eager to exploit. This report equips executives with the knowledge to anticipate threats and implement robust security measures, ensuring your organization remains resilient against cyber-attacks.

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