The Ultimate Guide to JFrog Security

In today’s fast-paced software development world, security isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. “The Ultimate Guide to JFrog Security” is a comprehensive white paper designed to fortify your DevSecOps practices. Dive deep into the realms of cutting-edge security solutions and discover how to seamlessly integrate robust security measures throughout your software development life cycle (SDLC). Here’s why you should download the guide:

  • Comprehensive Security Overview: Understand the essence of JFrog Security and how it serves as the backbone of the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform, offering unparalleled visibility and control across your SDLC.
  • Advanced Security Solutions: Explore JFrog’s security tools, including software package curation, static application security testing (SAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and more.
  • Shift Left with Confidence: Learn about the “shift left” approach and how JFrog enables developers to detect and address security issues early in development, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Integration and Use Cases: Discover how JFrog Security integrates with other JFrog products and the wider ecosystem, providing a unified platform for all your security needs. Explore practical use cases to see how JFrog addresses SBOM & regulatory compliance, container security, and vulnerability management.

Securing the Software that Powers the World

It’s our Liquid Software vision to automatically deliver software packages
seamlessly and securely from any source to any device.