Modern C/C++ for a DevOps Workflow

Webinar description:
This webinar will introduce the basic tools and a complete Devops workflow for C and C++ languages.
During this webinar we will cover:
– Using automatic tests. Installing testing frameworks from conan packages, injecting and using them to test your packages while building them.
– Reproducible and automatic build environments: Creating packages for developer tools.
– Creating package binaries in Continuous Integration. Public, cloud services: travis-ci and appveyor.
– Managing and creating multiple package configurations with conan-package-tools and CI.
– Jenkins integration and Artifactory plugin support for conan package manager.
– Generation and usage of build-information in Artifactory.Who should attend:
C/C++ developers and those who work with C/C++ packages.


Following the webinar, these great questions were asked by the audience and might be of interest to you.

Are Conan Repositories a free option in Artifactory ?

Conan repositories are available in Artifactory CE.

How do I work with builds that are currently not packaged by Conan ?

If you have a mix of packages that are dependent on Conan and some that are not, for the once that are not they are just going to be part of your standard make process. You will build them from source or you will have binaries checked in however you were doing them before. Then as you slowly migrate more and more packages into Conan you can remove the source and just create the Conan file if all you want to do is dependencies.

How can we get the latest version of your own built package ?

On the Artifactory side, once you published your built packages, you can use the Artifactory REST API that will query Artifactory to get the latest version of your package. With the Conan Client, if you are creating a develop version of the package and you can continuously overwrite this version then you can install the latest built of that package with conan install – update.

What generators does Conan offer to create virtual enviroments ?

Conan offers three special Conan generators to create virtual environments: virtualenv: Declares the self.env_info variables of the requirements. virtualbuildenv: Special build environment variables for autotools/visual studio. virtualrunenv: Special environment variables to locate executables and shared libraries in the requirements. More information here

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