Evolution, not revolution – How Deutsche Bank drives change in their development organization

Neil Imms, Engineering Lead for Developer Tooling at Deutsche Bank, follows a guiding principle for delivering transformation: evolution, not revolution. In development organizations operating within highly regulated industries, striving for standardization becomes an essential transformation to fulfill rising audit and compliance requirements. However, requesting developers to modify the tools and processes they rely on demands a sense of delicacy.

In this engaging fireside conversation, Neil engages in a dialogue with Allan Sint Jago from JFrog to delve into the following topics:

  • The Significance of Developer Tooling in Advancing Organizational Success
  • The Development of Tooling at Deutsche Bank and the Advantages of Standardization
  • Strategies to garner support from a multitude of developers and teams while catering to their distinct requirements
  • Valuable insights for DevOps teams operating in highly scrutinized industries
  • The Role of JFrog within the Deutsche Bank environment

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