The DevOps Future is here – Discover the New JFrog Platform

We’re proud and excited to share the release of the unified JFrog Platform, including a new, advanced experience that delivers all JFrog products, permissions, administration and metadata via a single user interface. In this webcast, we’ll explore:

  • Unified user interface and experiences allowing users to access any JFrog service (such as Artifactory or Xray) from a single experience for one-stop DevOps
  • Unified permissions across all services allowing single sign-on and simplified administration
  • Unified data that joins all services, including package and security data for maximum SecOps visibility and traceability
  • JFrog Pipelines that allows you to automate and orchestrate DevOps from code to production

Who should attend:
Anyone who likes efficiency, ease, time savings and awesome experiences in DevOps. If you like slow builds, inefficient management and context switching all the time, well, this just isn’t for you.

None, but familiarity with DevOps technology and JFrog services will help this make sense.

The Agenda :

  • Orientation to the new JFrog Platform and the UI
  • Exploration of package management and workflows
  • Driving SecOps into the SDLC super simply
  • JFrog Pipelines overview of CI/CD functionality and native steps
  • Automated delivery with JFrog Distribution baked right in.



Getting Started with the JFrog Platform 

Download the New Version of Artifactory and Xray


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