DevSecOps Best Practices with JFrog Platform

Webinar Description:

JFrog Xray – an integral part of the JFrog Unified DevOps platform – enables continuous security and compliance throughout your SDLC: spanning binaries management, container images, and your end-to-end CI/CD pipelines.

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage JFrog Xray to enable DevSecOps:

  1. Achieving  centralized visibility and governance around  open-source security vulnerabilities and license infringements
  2. Understanding the impact of these components on production system quality, performance, and architectural changes
  3. Enabling “shift-left” with IDE integration and critical patterns for hardening your releases and rolling out security best practices throughout the organization
  4. Tips around container security, why it is different, and how to streamline security and governance for cloud-native apps.

The Agenda:

  • What is DevSecOpS
  • Key Benefits of DevSecOps
  • What is the Jfrog Platform and why you need it
  • JFrog Xray Use Cases
  • JFrog Xray Demo
  • Future of DevSecOps
  • Conclusion


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