CI/CD Pipeline for Kubernetes with the JFrog Platform

Webinar description:

Kubernetes is a powerful, open-source, container orchestration/cluster management tool that helps you manage and deploy your containerized application and services on a cluster of machines.

Discover how to automate your CI/CD process for cloud-native applications with the JFrog Platform.

Deploying your application on your K8s clusters after each commit has never been easier!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to centralize all your binaries and container images in Artifactory
  • How to automatically detect security and license vulnerabilities in your builds and docker images – along with all  dependencies – with JFrog Xray
  • How to orchestrate your end-to-end CI/CD process via JFrog Pipelines
  • Tips and tricks for simplifying delivery pipelines for Kubernetes applications
  • Patterns and advanced capabilities for native K8s delivery and scaling your org-wide pipelines with declarative YAML configurations.

Who should attend:

Developers and DevOps engineers who would like to know how to get the most out of Artifactory + Kubernetes integration and how they could simplify their CI/CD for cloud-native microservices with JFrog Pipelines.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of JFrog Artifactory & Kubernetes


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Following the webinar, these great questions were asked by the audience and might be of interest to you.

What formats can the xray results be exported to?

At the moment you can export security and license reports as json objects using REST API. Stay tuned for more reporting capabilities in Xray soon!

Where can I find Jenkins pipeline script for build on Git Hub ?

Here are a lot of Jenkins pipelines examples:
Here are helm charts and cloud-native examples:

Is there a way to setup who is allowe to pull images from web for use,later promote it to a release repo based on some property being set

Absolutely, Artifactory has full RBAC controls, including permissions for read (pull) and promote.

I am using the helm chart to install Artifactory in a private GKE cluster. What is the recommended way to make the internal endpoint available on a static IP to make it available in an internal network?

Any standard networking solution for k8s works. Ingress will probably be the easiest. Meshes like Istio or linkerd work as well.

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