Are you ready for Enterprise+?

  1. Want to easily manage your increasingly-complex DevOps setup and the plethora of CI/CD pipelines that comes with it?
  2. Do you trust your software, as it flows through an abundance of pipelines?
  3. Can you distribute your software to your most remote devices, exactly when it needs to be there?

Learn how you can turbocharge your DevOps to achieve new levels of agility and efficiency at scale. Our experts will highlight some key trends observed at JFrog and their impact on developing this comprehensive platform for binary management throughout the software supply chain. We will take a closer look at Enterprise+ and some of its key features and components, including JFrog Mission Control & Insight, JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, and the brand-new JFrog Pipelines.

The Agenda:

  • DevOps is mainstream! Now what? What JFrog has learned from our customers
  • Visibility & Intelligence
  • Scaling Complexity
  • Gaining Trust
  • Overcoming Physics
  • Why a platform for binary management matters
  • Demo
  • Q&A


An End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps

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Following the webinar, these great questions were asked by the audience and might be of interest to you.

What are the system requirements for JFrog Enterprise + platform?

Please check out this link to see the requirements for running the components of the JFrog Enterprise+ platform to assist you in setting up the servers running each component

Is it possible to migrate an Enterprise Setup to an Enterprise + setup ?

This is something that you can perform, the only change between Enterprise and Enterprise + is the type of the license and the fact that through Mission Control you can control all the licenses for all of your instances.

Regarding Access Federation, can you please elaborate on how the instances know how to communicate between each other ?

Each Artifactory, whether it’s an edge node our a source Artifactory has a bundle service called Access. What the Access Federation does it creates a sort of a “trust” between those specific Access Components and allows them to “discuss” between each other without accepting other request from other accesses which our not known to this Federation that you have created.

Do Edge Nodes have the same authentication mechanisms ?

Yes you can use LDAP, SAML, Crowd or any other authentication mechanism you need, but it doesn’t have to be in the single sign-on of the Artifactory Node so it is very common that we see customers have edge nodes in a different web of trust and maybe using a different authenticator that is designed to authenticate customers and partners as oppose to employees.

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