Are you ready for Enterprise+? The end-to-end pipeline to control the flow of your binaries from build to production.

Webinar Description:

In this webinar, we will highlight the trends observed at JFrog and how these became the catalyst to develop a comprehensive platform for binary management throughout the software supply chain.

We will break down Enterprise+, how it supplies a unified platform for teams managing Jfrog tools at scale, and the new capabilities for topologies enabled by Access Federation. Additionally, how JFrog Distribution can transform how you deliver binaries around the world, and how JFrog Insight enables new measures of DevOps processes.

Who should attend:
– Those who want to learn more about what this new platform provides.
– JFrog customers who feel the growing pains of managing your binaries at scale.
– Current Enterprise customers looking to expand the reach of DevOps within their organization.

Basic knowledge of JFrog Artifactory and the role of binary management in DevOps.

The Agenda:

– What JFrog has learned from our customers

– What is Enterprise+?

– New tools: Access Federation, JFrog Distribution & JFrog Insight

– Why Topology matters

– Demo

– Q&A

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