The Top 4 DevOps Headlines of 2025

Shlomi Ben Haim
CEO and Co-Founder

Welcome to swampUP 2021! A year ago, we said that in 2020, every company would be a DevOps company.

We couldn’t have imagined the news stories 2020 would bring, both globally and in our industry, with DevOps now affecting all business stakeholders.

While the worldwide pandemic has shaped the immediate future of DevOps and digital transformation, we move ever-closer to a post-pandemic world, where the foundations laid today will have ripple effects across the marketplace.

Join Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO of JFrog, as he kicks off swampUP with some unexpected headlines, taken directly (probably) from the pages of 2025’s news cycle.

Video transcript

Welcome to SwampUP 2021. Thousands of developers have come together across the globe to learn about the future of DevOps. This demonstrates that community is stronger than any pandemic. I would like to start by thanking our speakers and partners for making SwampUP an event for and by the community.

Together, we’re making DevOps the epicenter. This is our second virtual SwampUP and this will be our last one as next year, we are all meeting face to face. Now, where have we been?

2020 was an unforgettable year. I remember standing on this stage, suggesting that every company will become a DevOps company.

Now look at us. And not only because of the reality forced on us due to the pandemic, our world is hybrid, we would like to have multiple deployment environment – on prem, and cloud, and not just cloud but also multi cloud. We want to have this elastic movement between clouds in different regions, and different vendors. Our distributed team is everywhere.

We support remote team and remote environment. And security is everywhere.

We need to secure everything and we just needed one reminder coming as solarwind to remind us all how important and vital it is. This is today. But let me share with you what tomorrow will look like, based on what we already see in motion.

What are the headlines of tomorrow’s news? Banks will close the branches and will start to support you via software over an application. Healthcare group will move away from physical location and will start to meet you online. There will be designated roads for driverless cars that will be powered by software and food will be prepared and delivered with zero human touch.

This is not science fiction. This is what we see today, and we know that this is what we call the digital transformation. Back in 2017, on SwampUP stage, we shared with you the liquid software vision, JFrog vision.

When we said that everything that happens on the developer side must find its way in a clear, smooth, easy, secure and fast way to the edge. This is the world of liquid software, and our world has already become liquid. So how do we get there? Do you remember the day that you used to call yourself a back end developer or a front end developer, and then suddenly, everybody became full stack developers?

We are now witnessing in era that we are becoming full stack DevOps engineers. Your expertise must span the end to end cycle. Security is at the core. It is an integral part of building, deploying and releasing software. Managing beyond source code is your ownership. You need to manage dependencies, metadata, and incremental software updates by mastering binaries.

As you become a super DevOps, you need a better way to operate at scale, and support thousands and tens of thousands of developers. We are facing the tipping point and developers become the transformers of the digital era. It is on all of us to create the 2025 headlines. Speaking of transformation, the last year was easy to remember, a crazy year for JFrog as we underwent our own transformation from a private company to a public one, and during this busy moment, our entire team gave every effort and organized this event for you, with the end in mind, giving you the most innovative tools and knowledge from thought leaders to take the next leap forward. I would like to thank all frogs for the amazing job.

Last year, we also lost a dear friend and a community leader, Carl Queen. As we did in SwampUP 2020, we will showcase the top speaker with an annual award in his honor. We will announce the recipient of this best speaker award in our end of day keynote based on your vote.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy SwampUP.


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