Direct from the Flight Deck of DevOps – Ido Green, VP of Technology, JFrog

Alan Shimel, Founder and Editor at, interviews Ido Green, VP of Technology at JFrog. Ido discusses his role at JFrog, his passion, and JFrog Xray.

– What Ido brings to his role is finding leverage points in technology and the JFrog Platform to support the business as well as hot spots to bring “extra” value to customers.

– Ido’s passion is helping developers be more productive and effective at what they do and bring more value to customers with practical use cases.

– DevOps engineers are passionate about security. Xray enables you to do the right things based on your visibility to what’s good and what has vulnerabilities. He mentions compliance, licensing, and best practices about metadata that enterprises now care about.

– How does JFrog take best practices from one organization and apply it to other organizations? By embracing best practices from verticals JFrog sees in the market and enhancing processes that best work for your organization. An example is JFrog Pipelines, that is to leverage the capabilities to the extent it works best for your projects with the metadata and visibility it provides.

– Why did you come to JFrog after being with companies like Google, Yahoo, Netflix? Ido is passionate about bringing value to developers internally and externally. swampUP – Ido shares his experiences both as an attendee and as host this with JFrog this year.

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