Cruising Through the Cloud-Native Space Across #100DaysOfKubernetes

Anais Urlichs
Site Reliability Engineer

In many of the talks that we hear from today, we get a snapshot of someone’s knowledge, a snapshot of someone’s experience and understanding within their field of expertise. This knowledge is built up over time, through reading, writing and sharing your insights.

When Anais got started in DevOps, she made it her mission to make her entire learning journey public on With the goal to inspire others to get started in DevOps and to show how everyone has to begin somewhere, Anais started #100DaysOfKubernetes —

In this talk, Anais will take you along her journey of discovering the vast number of resources available in the space, the challenges she faced, and ultimately, how rewarding it is to find new tools and learn to use a new framework.

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